Lucia is a Jazz Voice Teacher based in London, UK. With a focus on vocal technique and interpretation, Lucia teaches adult learner of all abilities and levels in English and Croatian. 

    Lucia believes that student-centred approach to teaching adds a personal touch and is the best way for a student to gain the best results, as not one size fits all. Her personal statement to a student as follows: 

    I will help you to cultivate your voice, become fully aware of your voice abilities, teach you what to do when you want to sing a piece of music which your voice is objectively not capable of, how to do approach a song in your own way. I want to help you to gain confidence with your voice and finally most crucial thing - how to put real meaning into the song filling it with feeling which is a real point of All That Jazz!

    Lucia started her music journey when she was only nine by learning classical guitar, music theory and singing Bel Canto. Her first earned money in her life was taking part in Bizet's Carmen in National Croatian Theatre when she was just twelve years old. Since then she knew her life would be always connected to singing as that was a part of her being. 

    After graduating secondary music school, Lucia enrolled to the Arts Academy at University of Split in Croatia, at the department of Music and in 2010 she was awarded Master degree in Music Education and Pedagogy specialising in teaching music for all levels and ages. 

    Throughout her life Lucia took part in many music projects, facilitated a number of educational workshops for people with learning disabilities and special-needs, taught classical guitar, undertook singing in a choir which lasted for about ten years, took part in Verdi's Aida professional choir, the Ethno ensemble, a band - singing rock and blues. From 2009 Lucia found that she was expressing herself best through Jazz Ballads, Swing and Cabaret styles. 

    Currently, Lucia is taking a Music Therapy course at the Roehampton University in London as a part of her Continued Professional Development.