Ariane is a French-American Jazz Singing Teacher based in Edinburgh, Scotland. With emphasis on correct posture, tension release, and optimisation of resonance, Ariane offers online lessons on vocal technique, style, phrasing, interpretation, rhythm to beginner and intermediate level students in English and in French.

Ariane is a warm, friendly and knowledgeable teacher. I really liked the way she explained how the voice (and the whole body) needs to work when singing. Ariane is patient and encouraging when helping you explore your vocal range. She uses her wealth of experience of jazz singing to help you sing in the jazz style. I can thoroughly recommend Ariane as a jazz singing teacher. - Alex 

Ariane grew up in Paris, France where she developed her passion for singing, contemporary ballet, improvisation, and jazz music. 

A Master of Music in Musicology from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, and a graduate from Berklee College of Music, Boston USA, in Vocal Jazz Performance and Music Theory, Ariane was awarded the Berklee Achievement Scholarship for Outstanding Academic Achievement.

In her lessons, Ariane offers her deep understanding of how the voice works as an instrument, dissecting the essentials of vocal technique, jazz technique, phrasing, interpretation, and improvisation in a fun and accessible way, and sharing with her students the passion of discovering the powers of their own voice.

As a professional working Jazz Vocalist, Ariane has given performances in many countries including the United States, France, Israel, the UK, and Switzerland. Ariane regularly performs in Edinburgh singing in a variety of styles, bridging between jazz and world music, all the way from swing, samba and bossa-nova, klezmer, gnawa, and jazz/world-fusion. She founded the world-fusion band Saaga, with whom she performed at Henry's Cellar Bar, and at the Argyle Cellar Bar. She gave performances at the Jazz Bar and Henry's Cellar Bar as part of the jazz-rock group Pale Blue Dot, and at the Safari Lounge and the Nomad's Tent with Omar Afif's Gnawa Trance Fusion band. She regularly performs bossa-nova and klezmer with Maracuja Duo and Dreidel of Filth, and gave performances with them at Beetroot Sauvage, Söderberg, The Dog House, Out of the Blue Drill Hall, Hendersons, and the Forest Cafe. 

Ariane has also taken her passion and expertise for improvisation and combined it to her ballet and yoga experience, to create a unique, accessible, and spiritual approach to singing and improvising from the body in a workshop series called the SoulCircle Singing Workshops; where she invites participants to deeply connect to themselves, the others, and the planet, through the power of their singing voices and vocal improvisation. She also devised a similar approach to improvisation for all instruments in a workshop called Groove Empathy to host workshops in universities for undergraduate music students.

Bringing together her love for vocal improvisation and dance improvisation Ariane is using her looper in her solo set, and improvising songs from scratch, contemplating and capturing the music creation process, by crafting entirely improvised songs. Made of vocal landscapes, rich harmonies, spoken word poetry, and contemporary dance improvisation, these songs reflect her poetic experience of her emotions intertwined with her spirituality.

In her project as bandleader, Ariane has fused her mastery of the voice and skill for improvisation and composition, in creating unique ethereal and electrifying wordless contemporary jazz compositions, where she extends her voice as a melodic instrument in a quintet setting. For her, jazz is the language of playfulness, a vast ecosystem and playground for musicians to run around, play along, and rejoice in. Her musical universe is highly inspired by the music of Pat Metheny, Esperanza Spalding, Björk, but also classical composers like Stravinsky or Sibelius. 

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