Elena Dana is the founder of the Sing Jazz International and the main Vocal Coach for the Jazz Singer Platform. Elena specialises in the Jazz Voice Technique, Vocal Mechanics and Classical Jazz Stylistics. Elena provides singing lessons to the students of all levels in English & Russian. Continue reading


Judith is a professional musician, composer, instrumentalist, studio vocalist and recording artist who coaches singers of all levels. Based in Germany, Frankfurt, Judith teachers scatting and improvisation with her unique Scat Kitchen method from the comfort of her Eastend studio or online. Specialising in vocal technique, improvisation, music theory, songwriting and arrangement, Judith provides lessons in English & German. Continue reading 

Lauren is a Vocal Coach and a Jazz Music Teacher of a contemporary & modern jazz. Specialising in improvisation and creative elements such as phrasing, jazz rhythm and musicianship Lauren is teaching from the comfort of her own music studio in New York city. Continue Reading

Lusine is a Jazz Vocalist, a Teacher and a Vocal Coach based in Italy. Specialising in Mainstream Jazz and Bebop, Lusine is teaching online and face to face in English, Italian and Armenian. Continue Reading

Chara is a Jazz Vocal Coach and a Singing Teacher based in Larnaca, Cyprus. Specialising in Jazz Improvisation, Vocal Technique, Phrasing and Jazz Stylistics, Chara is teaching online and face to face in English & Greek. Continue reading  

Naama has established herself as a prominent voice in the New York City jazz scene. Teaching aspiring vocalists as well as instrumentalists in her home studio in the Chelsea, Naama emphasises healthy and natural singing. Specialising in phrasing and scatting, Naama's teaching methods combine speech therapy and classical singing technique. Naama teaches in English & Hebrew from her studio and online.  Continue reading

Yaala is a jazz vocalist and a vocal coach, based in New York City. Passionate about teaching and educating the next generation of jazz musicians, Yaala is passing on the torch of the vocal jazz tradition. Yalla follows in the footsteps of her own mentors over the years, including pianist Amit Golan and singer Sheila Jordan. Yaala teaches in English and Hebrew in person and online. Continue reading 


Based in Kent, England, Jennifer approaches teaching of Jazz Vocals using classical and Estill methods. Classically trained singer (DipABRSM) with a PGCE and Estill EFP certificate, Jenny is specialising in healthy vocal technique, improvement of jazz tone and stylistics. Jennifer has extensive jazz repertoire to share with her students and teaches from her studio and online in English and in German.  Continue reading 

Alice is a Jazz Vocal Coach specialising in healthy Jazz Vocal Technique, Voice Improv, Jazz Phrasing, Stylistics, Rhythms and Interpretation. Currently based in Nicosia, Cyprus, Alice teaches from her own studio and online, in English & Greek.  Continue reading


Kakia is a Vocal Coach specialising in jazz music theory, song interpretation and jazz improvisation. Based in Limassol, Cyprus, Kakia is teaching all levels and ages in English & Greek. Continue reading

Meriç is a Vocal Coach and a PhD student in Jazz Performance specialising in Classical Jazz Stylistics, Jazz Improvisation and Scatting. Based in Turkey Ankara, Meriç is teaching in English & Turkish. Continue reading


Alkistis is a Vocal Coach specialising in Jazz vocals. Currently based in Athens, Greece, Alki teaches singing in English & Greek. Her mission is to show the student how to develop into an honest and unique artist and most importantly, how to enjoy the gift of music. With an emphasis on music theory, singing technique, jazz improvisation, phrasing and student's favourite tunes, Alkistis loves sharing her knowledge on jazz vocals. Continue reading.

Mandy is a Vocal Coach specialising in Jazz Interpretation, Music Theory, Vocal Improvisation and Scatting. Based in Rotterdam, Mandy is teaching all levels from the age of seven and up, in one-to-one sessions and in groups. Mandy gives lessons online and from music studios around the city in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. Continue reading

Ariane is a French-American Jazz Singing Teacher based in Edinburgh, Scotland. With emphasis on correct posture, tension release, and optimisation of resonance, Ariane offers online lessons on vocal technique, style, phrasing, interpretation, rhythm to beginner and intermediate level students in English and in French. Continue reading


Ali is an American Voice Coach based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Trained in classical, Bel Canto and Estil technique Ali is an acclaimed 'Vintage' Blues and Jazz Vocalist with four Scottish Jazz Awards in best jazz vocals. Continue reading


Lisanne is a Vocal Coach specialising in a contemporary Jazz Stylistics and Improvisation. Lisanne is based in the Netherlands, in The Hague and is teaching all levels in English and in Dutch. Continue reading


Tereza is a Voice Teacher based in London specialising in Jazz Voice Technique, Jazz Improvisation, Songwriting and Arrangement. Tereza teaches students of all levels and ages in English and Romanian. Continue reading

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