Terms of Service for Teachers & Coaches



1.1. Sing Jazz International (SJI) acts as a Jazz Singer Platform for jazz vocalists of all levels, abilities and jazz styles, 18+

  1.1.1. Sing Jazz International professional services include, but not limited to: Providing, creating, devising, improving, organising, running, selling and promoting online and face-to-face courses, classes, private sessions and video recorded material by SJI registered teachers /coaches to make jazz vocals craft accessible to an adult learner of all levels and abilities Facilitating comfortable virtual home for qualified and experienced Jazz Voice Teachers/Coaches & their Students as well as for those Teachers/Coaches who are in Training

1.2. Matching a Student to a Teacher/Coach according to the student's needs and the teacher's/coach's specialisation should the Matching Services requested via call


2.1. It is FREE to register on the Sing Jazz International for a qualified and experienced jazz teacher or a coach, and once the registration is approved and confirmed in writing by SJI administration via email, each registered on our platform teacher or a coach agrees to the following:

2.2. Registered teachers & coaches have full creative control over their content published on this site and have copyright to their own work while giving their full permission to the SJI administration to represent them on their behalf using SJI administrators' creative judgement and professional PR expertise including but not limited to online promotion & advertisement of mentioned above teachers/coaches services on all social media and networking channels using the information these teachers/coaches provide during their registration and thereafter in writing; and any information which is publicly displayed on their social media or their own websites 

    2.2.1. RELEASE FORM By registering as a teacher/coaches on SJI you agree to release, acquit and discharge Sing Jazz International and its creators from any claims, demands, rights, promises, damages and liabilities arising out of or in connection with the use or distribution of mentioned above media including but not limited to any claims for invasion of privacy, appropriation of likeness or defamation

    2.2.2. It is a registered teacher's/coach's right to opt out of this 'visual' representation in writing during or after the SJI application process or ask for editing at any time after the content is published online  

    2.2.3. It is registered teachers/coach's right and responsibility to inform SJI administration of any  change or edit they wish to introduce to their own profiles during pubic promotion which will be introduced within 24 hours from the response frame

   2.2.4 It is registered SJI teachers/coaches responsibility to carefully read ALL terms on SJI site and only accept these Terms, if they (teachers/coaches) agree with ALL the Terms including General and Students Terms

2.3 All registered team members act as a collective towards synergy and independent thinking by contributing their own ideas, professional skills and opinion towards effective and productive professional development as well as growth of this platform on exchange basis with other team members during brainstorming or their participation on social media private group in accordance to the degree of involvement they choose in advance (refer to clause 3 below)

   2.3.1. It is between a registered teacher/coach and SJI administration to evaluate and agree fair exchange of their skills and ideas and communicate it in an open and transparent manner in verbal and then in written form between themselves. This includes any creative or business product developed with the help of SJI or the teacher and coaches at hand

2.4. Train, learn and grow as professionals in a team to sustain Continuous Professional Development (CPD) to the maximum of each teacher's ability to represent the up-to-date knowledge of their (teachers/coaches) unique expertise with Teachers Etiquette and Ethos, outlined in Teacher Training, in mind, as well as independently at their own pace on regular basis 


3.1. Each registered SJI teacher/coach who wishes to stay ACTIVE will get more promotion from SJI, plugging and students in return for their cross-promotion and active participation on social media

3.2. It is registered teacher's/coach's right to chose to stay PASSIVE yet to stay in touch with the rest of the team via social media when they have time by thus limiting their chance of active promotion from SJI and provision of students

3.3. SJI has zero tolerance towards ill treatment or purposeful harmful behaviours displayed or reported in a form of verbal harassment or a breach of The Equality Act on behalf of any registered teacher/coach - such teacher's/coach's profile will be taken down and all promotion removed after a fair warning in writing


4.1. The commission from each published on the SJI teaching service is upon individual agreement between the founder and signed teacher/coach whose services are published on this website the proceedings of which will go towards development of the SJI project

4.2. After each successfully sold service on or via SJI, each responsible teacher/coach is then to invoice Sing Jazz International for individually agreed in advance fee 

4.3. All invoices made towards the purchases from this site shop (if applicable) are to be covered by SJI in accordance with timeline from Stripe, which administers all payments via this site, which is usually covered by Stripe within two weeks, which means that the teacher will receive funds up to two weeks after their services are delivered

4.4. Sing Jazz International is not an employer and therefore every teacher/coach who registers on this platform agrees to collaborate with SJI on self-employment or sole-trader or registered company or any similar legal status business basis and is responsible for their own taxes and invoicing

 4.5. SJI budget transparency will be made available to all ACTIVE team members during the business meetings or upon individual request by any active teacher/coach


5.1. As well as the administrator of this platform, facilitator and the designer of this space - the Sing Jazz International also acts as a booking agent. SJI creates and administers bookings on behalf of all registered teachers and coaches in accordance to the services they (teachers/coaches) communicate during the SJI application process or thereafter, introduces agreed promotions of those services, and matches the student who registered their interest to the teacher/coach in accordance to the information both parties provide 

5.2. The successful booking and/or a match will be confirmed by the SJI in writing via email correspondence or messaging service of any kind - with both student and a teacher/coach

5.3. Before the lesson is secured by a student who discovered the teacher/coach via SJI platform or via recommendation or referral by the SJI member - the teacher/coach is not to exchange any communication with that student directly via any other channels other than this platform for the best matching services to take place, unless agreed otherwise with that teacher/coach and SJI administration in advance 

5.4. Once the booking or matching services are complete and the class or service is secured by payment via SJI - the student's details are then to be passed to the teacher/coach responsible for that programme or class, unless agreed differently in writing between the referred teacher/coach and SJI

5.5. Successfully booked by the SJI teacher/coach is then responsible to carry out their booked lesson or programme in a professional manner with all T&C in mind and suggestions outlined in the MU contract (downloadable from below section) including 48 hour Cancellation Policy (refer to Policies Section) which is applicable to both parties


6.1. Above Terms of Service are reviewed and updated regularly based on local rules and regulations, and any viable suggestions from the SJI team members

   6.1.1 It is every registered user responsibility therefore to save the copy of these Terms & Conditions upon their personal registration as a reference to what they agree to

   6.1.2 Should any vital UPDATE take place (this excludes any text editing for grammatical purposes or rewording of the same terms) - all registered teachers/coaches will be notified in writing and updated version of these Terms will be emailed upon request 

   6.1.3 Every registered teacher on the SJI has the right to appeal against any new clause before agreeing to these amendments in writing It is registered SJI teacher's/coach's right to ask any questions regarding any of the clauses above before they agree to these terms, or alternatively submit a proposal to change any of the new suggested terms in writing to the SJI administration before they accept these terms

   6.1.4 Once these terms are updated and published, the new amendments will only affect those registered users who have not opposed those new updates in writing within a month time these updates are introduced and published 

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