Terms of Service for Teachers


1. Definition of this project: Sing Jazz International acts as a Jazz Singer Platform for jazz vocalists of all levels, abilities and genders, 18+

2. Sing Jazz International professional services include, but not limited to: 

    2.1. Providing online courses, classes, private sessions and video recorded material for students 

    2.2. Registering Jazz Voice Teachers and Students on Sing Jazz International private database

    2.3. Matching a Student to a Teacher according to the student's needs and the teacher's specialisation

3. It is FREE to register on the Sing Jazz International, and once the registration is confirmed in writing each registered on our platform teacher is:

   3.1. In receipt of free of charge promotion and marketing opportunities carried out by this project agreed with each teacher on individual basis

   3.2. Entitled to a free of charge Sing Jazz International Teacher Training Programme, career mentoring, business advice and networking events organised by us

   3.3. Invited to attend regular business team meetings to have their say about the running of this platform, to voice their concerns and needs, as well as support other registered on this platform teachers, as we value opinion of every teacher on our team & their input, with an aim to sustain a happy work environment for all

4. In exchange for the services outlined in clause 3, Sing Jazz International will take 20% agency fee + 20% admin fee from the first lesson booked by a new student with their matched teacher via this platform

5. After the fist successfully secured and carried out lesson, all further lesson bookings, communications, financial transactions and administration are free to be carried out directly by that same teacher between that student and themselves, with no agent in between and no additional fee, with 100% of takings, unless there will be a request on the teacher's and student's behalf to provide further assistance with administration and booking of the same student after the first lesson, in which case the full commission of 40% will continue to apply

6. The teacher is to INVOICE Sing Jazz International for the 60% of their communicated fee after each agreed, successfully matched and carried out lesson. This invoice will be covered 2 weeks after the lesson's successful completion, by Sing Jazz International - in accordance with timeline from Stripe, which administers all payments via this site 

   6.1. The above mentioned 60% will include the VAT (if applicable) in its full amount. For example: your rate is £50 + 25% VAT (each country will have their own %) you communicate £67.5 and invoice us for £40.5 (this is your 60%)

7. Sing Jazz International does not act as an employer and every teacher registered on this platform works on self-employed sole-trader basis or is registered as a company and is responsible for their own taxes and invoicing

Booking Process

8. Sing Jazz International will act as a booking agent and will match the student to a teacher in accordance to the information they provide

9. The successful match will be confirmed by the booking agent in writing via email correspondence with both student and a teacher 

10. Until the initial matching confirmation is received by the teacher - the teacher is not to exchange any communication with students directly for the best matching services to take place

11. Once the matching services are complete, the first lesson is to be paid in full by the student via customised link from this site, sent by the booking agent from secure communication to the student with the teacher in cc

12. The teacher is not to exchange any financial transaction with a student for the first lesson, but only thereafter, should Sing Jazz International booking services are no longer be required (please refer to Clause 5)

13. After the lesson is paid in full by the student, the booked teacher is then to carry out their agreed lesson bound by our 48 hour Cancellation Policy (please refer to Policies Section

   13.1. Should the 100% satisfaction of our matching services be not met by the student (refer to Policies Section) - due to the agent miscommunication - Sing Jazz International will take full responsibility and pay the teacher in full for that lesson and will rematch the student with another teacher at the Sing Jazz International expense, providing the dissatisfaction with the coherent proof of communication and the video recording from the session submitted by dissatisfied student are valid

   13.2. Should any responsibility for mismatching fall onto the booked teacher's responsibility due to the wrong information provided by that teacher, the teacher at fault is liable and therefore the student will be rematched at that teacher's expense 

14. All online Zoom Vocal Coaching sessions if to be video recorded should be done so with a written or video recorded consent from those who are attending the class before each recording for assessment and accountability purposes only

     14.1 The video recordings from these sessions are to be shared with those who have attended the class for learning purposes only unless otherwise agreed by all parties involved 

     14.2 Public sharing of such video recordings - is only possible with a written consent from all attendees via email or via signed Release Form before the release of that particular footage

15. Every teacher registered on this platform is to act professionally in accordance to a Teaching Etiquette outlined in the MU contract guidelines below (please download), and is responsible for the safety of the students assigned to them by this platform, as stated by the Care Act, and for those students' data protection, as a part of the Data Protection Act 

16. The Sing Jazz International platform reserves the right to feature approved teachers on Sing Jazz International platform for online promotion and to rotate their profile pictures on random basis for marketing purposes, unless a written request is submitted by a teacher registered on our platform - not to use their image on our website or other media by us, within 48 hours after their registration is complete

17. Above Terms of Service are reviewed regularly and updated based on local rules and regulations, should an UPDATE take place - all registered teachers will be notified by email and updated version of these Terms will be emailed upon request 

These Terms have been updated Nov 2020