Terms of Service for Students


1. Definition of this project: Sing Jazz International acts as a Jazz Singer Platform for jazz vocalists of all levels, abilities and genders, 18+

2. Sing Jazz International professional services include, but not limited to: 

    2.1. Providing courses, classes, private sessions and online video recorded material for students 

    2.2. Registering Jazz Voice Teachers and Students on their private database

    2.3. Matching a Student to a Teacher according to the student's needs and the teacher's specialisation

3. By signing up to our services, you give us your full consent to store your details on our system for teacher-student matching services

4. When looking for a teacher students details such as name, email and phone number are protected by us, and will only be passed to a matched teacher when student confirms successful match in writing

5. The student who has sourced the teacher via this platform are not to exchange any communication with any featured teachers on this platform directly until the matching service is complete by the agent from this platform confirming a successful match in writing

6. Once a Student is matched with a Teacher from this platform they are to secure their first lesson via this platform and are only to exchange financial transitions with a teacher thereafter 

     6.1 Should the student or their teacher decide to proceed the rest of the bookings via this platform -further assistance with administration and communication will be provided by the agent from this platform (Please refer to Teacher Terms of Service Clause 5 for more information)

7. All Students are bound by 48 hour cancellation policy - please refer to General Terms In Policies Section for more information

8. Should the 100% satisfaction - please refer to General Terms Policy Section, of our matching services be not met by a student - Sing Jazz International will take full responsibility, and rematch the student with another teacher at Sing Jazz International expense within three months from the day the unsuccessfully matched lesson took place, providing the dissatisfaction with the coherent proof of communication and the video recording from the session submitted by dissatisfied student are 48 hours after the lesson took place and are valid 

9. Students are encouraged to keep the record of these terms, correspondence with us and teachers, and video recording from classes, and to sign a separate agreement with a teacher directly, further after our services are no longer required. Please review a contract below which outlines safeguarding policies and online etiquette by which both student and a teacher are bound by:

10. Above Terms of Service are reviewed regularly and updated based on local rules and regulations, should an UPDATE take place - all registered users on this platform will be notified of this change by email. An updated version of these Terms will be emailed to every registered user upon request. 

These Terms have been updated Nov 2020