Terms of Service


1. Sing Jazz International Teacher Training Programme is based on the UK Teacher Training Certified Level 4 Programme and led by Elena Dana on a coaching basis, to prepare the teacher in training for such certified programme. This particular teacher training programme is not intended to replace certified teacher training but merely aims to guide you through the academic & practical side of such programme as an external learning resource towards a fundamental understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a teacher/trainer in relation to legislation, equality, diversity, inclusivity and meeting the needs of learners.

2. Jazz Singing Courses based on the Sing Jazz International business model are encouraged to be run as part of this Teacher Training Programme on income generated basis to enhance ones teaching practice and to build on ones existing entrepreneurial skills. This is in addition to sessions and comes with personal coaching and regular assessment from the project leader and the team of teachers involvement on collaboration basis:

2.1. Once an associate teacher decides to use the above mentioned business model  - all such courses are to be run via Sing Jazz International website and are credited as being part of Sing Jazz International community project in all promotional media once they have been cleared by programme leader for accountability & training purposes 
2.2 Every course is then run independently of other courses listed on this site and for this reason each course is assigned one main teacher who is in charge of devising their own course content 
2.3 Creative rights of each course's content thereafter belong to the creator of that course
2.4 All teachers who are using this business model are to credit the work of other teachers on the team and actively cross-promote each other's courses 
2.5 All teachers who are using this business model are encouraged to submit their pictures & profiles to the project leader for online publication to promote their involvement in these courses
2.6 All purchases & financial administration of above mentioned courses are centralised through singjazzinthehague.com website for credibility purposes 

2.7 To avoid double listings on Facebook, all Facebook Events for theses courses will be set up by Sing Jazz International Facebook Page and co-hosted by all teachers simultaneously to cross-promote
2.8  Every teacher who is in charge of setting up their own above mentioned jazz singing courses are subsequently in charge of course planning & organisation, promotion, marketing & PR, management and internal communications between students and themselves

2.9 Furthermore, all Public Relations (such as correspondence, listings, advertisement & online on-air & printed promotion) are to follow professional conduct in accordance to the project Ethos outlined on the Teacher Training webpage
2.10 This leads to say that all teachers in training are in favour of the Ethos outlined on the Teacher Training webpage and review them regularly for unity purposes 
2.11 All students/clients data is protected by the teacher in charge of such courses as part of the Data Protection Act and bcc is used in all email correspondence
2.12 All associate teachers who are using this business model are encouraged to invite their fellow-teachers in this particular training on 'sit in' exchange basis - max two people per session, to exchange learning resources, and to learn from each other by shadowing each others work in exchange for demonstration of their vocals or in exchange of their expertise input at the course leader discretion
2.13 Course leader is in charge of inviting visiting teachers from the team on paid basis in accordance to students numbers: e.g. for a five week course with two students - one would invite two paid teachers during the course, three students - three paid teachers, four students - four paid teachers and so on - to encourage professional collaboration & contribute to economy 
2.14 All training sessions are to be video recorded with written or video recorded consent from those who are attending the classes in advance for accountability & assessment purposes 
2.15 The video recordings from these sessions are only to be shared with those who have attended and agreed to be recorded in advance for learning purposes
2.16 Public sharing of such video recordings - is only possible with a written consent from all attendees via email or via signed Release Form
2.17 Once above mentioned courses have been devised, approved & launched - each course leader thereafter is responsible for invoicing Sing Jazz International at the end of their jazz singing course for their part minus visiting teachers fees
2.18 Every visiting teacher who has attended a class on paid basis is invoicing Sing Jazz International after the class accordingly
2.19 Proof of all lessons carried out should be kept in a video format for accountability purposes and shared with a course leader for a written feedback and for evaluation purposes at a request
2.20 Prices for the courses and the teachers fees are to be agreed by the team and an individual agreement is to be drawn between participating parties before the launch of such courses
2.21  Every associate teacher who is using the above mentioned business model as part of this teacher training programme to generate income is responsible for their own accounts and for obtaining public liability insurance for their own accord
2.22 Every associate teacher is encouraged to make referrals to their fellow-teachers' courses to promote versatile learning approach, to cross-promote each others work to maximise participation, and last but not least - for training purposes, as well as to encourage professional collaborations
2.23 The above terms are not an employment contract but merely working terms & conditions for clarity purposes between all teachers who are partaking in the Sing Jazz International Teacher Training Programme and are using the above mentioned business model for their practice 
3. By purchasing this teacher training programme you are giving Sing Jazz International your full consent to video record sessions that you are part of. These recording may be used as a learning resource amongst other teachers in training unless otherwise agreed by everyone who is involved
4. The video recordings from the sessions are copyrighted and by obtaining a copy of a video recording from a teacher training session you are agreeing not to share this content with any third party
5. All creative content of this programme belongs to Sing Jazz International and all rights are reserved

These Terms have been updated on Sat 30 May 2020