Teacher Training Terms of Service


1. Sing Jazz International Teacher Training is a Mentoring custom-tailored CPD Programme with one of its main purposes - to prepare teachers for the UK Teacher Training Certified Programmes in the Lifelong Learning Sector such as CET, AET and/or DET (formally known as CTTL, PTTL & DTTL). This particular teacher training programme is not intended to replace certified teacher training but merely aims to guide you through the academic & practical sides of such programmes as an external learning resource towards a fundamental understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a teacher/trainer in relation to legislation, equality, diversity, inclusivity and meeting the needs of learners.

2. Since the above mentioned certified programmes require minimum 100 hours of teaching experience to enrol - this particular Teacher Training programme encourages exchange sessions with teachers on board to build that experience on the top of actual sessions that teachers might be carrying out at that time. 

  • Video recording from those sessions are encouraged and are to serve as a learning tool during the teacher training itself, either for a teacher at hand own experience or for the team to be a part of evaluation process to learn from each other. 
  • Teacher Training Journal to record all sessions with all necessary learning resources and support from the course administrator will be provided and it is a teacher's responsibility to fill it in and to seek peer guidance, suggest tutorials and to initiate the work progress. 
  • The practical side of this training is in addition to academic sessions and comes with personal coaching and regular assessment from the project leader and the team of teachers involvement on mutual benefit basis and to be devised organically with teachers at hand.

3. By taking this teacher training programme you are giving Sing Jazz International your full consent to video record sessions that you are a part of. These recordings will be used as a learning resource amongst other teachers in training unless otherwise agreed by everyone who is involved in writing in advance
4. The video recordings from the sessions are copyrighted and by obtaining a copy of a video recording from a teacher training session you are agreeing not to share this content with any third party unless a written consent is obtained from everyone whose image is used in that video
5. By joining our Teacher Training programme you agree to follow our Ethos outlined on our website

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