Terms & Conditions

  1. Sing Jazz International (SJI) is a Jazz Singer Platform for Teachers and their Students of all levels and abilities 18+ 
  2. Educational material in the form of video or audio recordings published on this site or obtained during the lessons is copyrighted by SJI and any public sharing of any such material without SJI written consent is strictly prohibited
  3. By purchasing online sessions with the vocal coach from this site you give us your full consent for one-to-one sessions to be video and/or audio recorded for safeguarding and evaluation purposes by a teacher who runs these sessions
  4. By obtaining a copy of the video or audio recording of your own session mentioned in the clause 3 - you are agreeing not to share this content with any third party without a written consent from the teacher who recorded it. Should any video recording footage from the session used unlawfully in public - a legal action may be taken against liable party in accordance to the International Copyright & Intellectual Property Rights
  5. The host of these sessions reserves the right to share video recordings from these sessions with the team of registered teachers on SJI platform for internal use only for training purposes. It is your right to notify us if this is not desirable in advance in which case it will not be shared with anyone except the teacher who recorded it and the student who took part in such session
  6. We reserve the right to share some footage from group online coaching sessions for promotional use on social media or on SJI website in a form of a video-promo, a photograph or a screenshot from the video to promote our educational programmes, workshops and sessions with the general public. Therefore by taking part in any group sessions you give us your full consent to release, acquit and discharge Sing Jazz International and its creators from any claims, demands, rights, promises, damages and liabilities arising out of or in connection with the use or distribution of mentioned above footage, including but not limited to any claims for invasion of privacy, appropriation of likeness or defamation. It is your right to notify us if this is not desirable in advance in which case the recording with you in it, a picture of you, will not be shared with anyone except the teacher who recorded it and the students who took part in that particular group session
  7. Please download the contract for online teaching guidelines between Student & Teacher, by which both, student and a teacher are bound, below:

Cancellation Policy

  1. All sessions are of advance purchase and operate on 48 hours cancellation policy which means you can cancel an individual session two days in advance and get a full refund but not after. Bundles can also be cancelled two days before the first lesson commences, but not after.
  2. In the case of unforeseen circumstances should any of the individual or group sessions change its date or venue by the SJI, a full transfer is guaranteed to a more convenient day for the participant
  3. Should any of the published sessions be forever cancelled or removed by the SJI due to the unforeseen circumstances - a full refund will be granted to those who have purchased those sessions

Satisfaction Policy 

  1. SJI goes by 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Policy of our Matching Services for those students who register their interest via the Student Free Consultation, and if such registered student is not 100% satisfied with the matched teacher after the lesson is secured by payment - the student will be rematched with another teacher on this platform within three months after the unsuccessful session - free of charge, providing that student has reported this dissatisfaction within 24 hours after the lesson completion, with coherent proof in the form of written correspondence with the Sing Jazz International representative, prior to the lesson, and a video recording from the session itself. For this purpose we strongly advise for all sessions to be video recorded and all correspondences kept safe. Please note that this guarantee works only during the 1st lesson with a voice teacher matched with a new student by SJI via this platform and all other sessions following the 1st lesson do not fall under this guarantee, instead - all other sessions fall under each teacher's discretion - whose lesson it is. This POLICY does not apply to those students who book directly via our shop.
  2. All pre-recorded programmes, such as 30 DAY CHALLENGE, fall under 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, as we Guarantee Results once this programme is fully undertaken. Should you be dissatisfied with any results from these programmes, you are to submit the claim for a full refund with the coherent proof in a video format that demonstrates that you have followed all instructions as per video programme and acted on feedback from the vocal coach (if applies).  

Privacy Policy

  1. Sing Jazz International website is collecting the data using cookies, such as IP addresses for security reasons, navigation data to enhance your website experience, and the data that you personally provide by filling in the forms on this site, by purchasing the product from this site, or emailing us directly so that we may contact you directly.
  2. Collected by us data is protected under General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and is not shared with any third parties, however, please note that all purchases on this site are administered by Stripe and we are bound by their terms and policies which you can read about on their site to see how it affects your rights.
  3. Emails submitted by you are added manually to our Mailing List and you may occasionally get the Newsletter from us, from which you may unsubscribe at any time, should you wish to do so. This does not affect your statutory rights.
  4. Most group sessions (including Teacher Training sessions) are photo and video documented by amateur and professional means and by attending any group sessions run by us you grant us your consent for this photo and video footage to be used online and in print to showcase our work and for our students to have it as a learning resource - unless a written request is submitted by you not to use any footage with your image or likeness of you in advance as per Clause 6 in the general T&C above. 


  1. Sing Jazz International reserves the right to update these policies on a regular basis in accordance to external regulations and legislations.
  2. It it your responsibility to request a copy of these terms to be sent to your email directly, should you wish to have it, at the time of you agreeing to these terms for your own records.
  3. Should any vital T&C update is to take place (this excludes any text editing for gramma purposes, elaboration or clarification of the earlier stated clauses) a notification will be emailed to all registered on this platform Teachers & Students.

Please note that these terms are legally binding between all parties involved

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