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Jazz Voice Technique in terms of vocal set up is a crossover between contemporary and classical vocal techniques and this is why we believe jazz creates a perfect starting point for many different voice designs, and / or a perfect transition point between genres as well as allowing us to swim in the richest form of vocal expression.

Jazz genre allows us to create not only our own compositions, interpret music in a unique way each time we sing it - it also promotes a freedom of our individual expression and brings us closer to our true emotions.

There are indeed many styles of jazz which makes it fun to work with, and this is why we love jazz! It's intelligent, innovative, fresh and is never boring! 

We run online, face-to-face group and private one-to-one sessions, offer Teacher Training & Vocal Technique Training programmes, and help a student to be matched with the best jazz Vocal Coach as a part of our individual student-centred approach.

Sing Jazz International (SJI) is a teaching collective who is here to create a shared space for anyone who wants to learn to sing jazz, improve their jazz vocals or teach jazz voice stylistics - from a simple jazz standard to a complex improvisation.

Set up in March 2020, SJI brings a unique opportunity for teachers and students alike to experience an open-door-classroom concept, where an adult learner of all levels and abilities is encouraged to learn from as many teachers on our platform as possible! 

This academic approach is highly encouraged at the SJI in order for our students to turn into original artists in their own rights and to stand firmly on their feet in their artistic delivery and expression. For teachers - it is designed to get engaged in a creative teaching process by offering custom-tailored sessions and by bringing bespoke experiences to the class. With such personalised approach we aim for our students to get to their desired outcome in a much shorter space of time. 

For our new students we offer a complimentary first consultation together with free matching services, which guarantees the best match for both teachers and students alike (subject to T&C), and continuous mentoring support for our regular students. 

We welcome professional and aspiring jazz vocalists of every jazz style and discipline and our sessions are carried out in English, Dutch, Greek, German, Turkish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Armenian, Romanian, Russian, Hebrew, Italian and French. 


SJI Teaching Collective is comprised of seventeen handpicked teachers who come from different parts of the world, each bringing exclusive and vibrant set of skills to complement each other. Together we work as a team and as independent professionals to bring the best teaching experiences to our students.

As a part of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and ongoing research on vocal mechanics and jazz stylistics - we continue our professional growth as collective by learning from each other during our SJI meetings to keep our own practices up-to-date so that we can make our students learning experience more refreshing, accessible, engaging and fun ❤️

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