About Sing Jazz International 

Founded by Elena Dana in 2007, initially as the Artist Development Programme under a name of Bird on the Birch (BoB), this project grew into an international digital platform for jazz voice teachers and its students.

Our mission is to encourage professionals from jazz music world to share their skills and knowledge on vocal technique with local community and in return to remove access barriers for those who want to learn to sing jazz - by introducing affordable or subsidised workshops in a fun loving atmosphere. 

At the moment Sing Jazz International has six teachers on board from the UK, America, Turkey, Netherlands, Ukraine and Cyprus. All teachers on this platform are also teaching and performing independently and cross-promote each other's work to create a versatile approach to jazz singing.

The aim of this platform is to preserve vocal jazz as a genre and keep it alive by sharing its craft with professionals and aspiring vocalists across the globe. It is a call to all jazz vocalists to unite for collaboration and support purposes in one shared space which acts as a resource for growth, encouragement and training.

Visit our Classes and Teacher Training pages for more info, and our Facebook Page to join our jazz singing community. 

About the Founder

Elena Dana is the founder and the main tutor for the Sing Jazz International digital platform. 

Educated to a Masters Degree, Elena has been trained as a Music Educator at the British Academy of New Music, as a performing artist at the Kiev Performing Arts School and as a Cultural Manager at the City University, London, UK.

Travelling around the world and meeting many inspirational people along the way, Elena has acquired much influence from the world music genre. She has generously shared heart-felt lyrical compositions in her singing performances while touring around the UK, USA, South America, India and Europe between 2007-2010. Blending the jazz and gypsy music genres together, Elena has introduced a cinematic sound to her original songs, while interpreting jazz standards in an elegant forties style.

For the last seven years Elena has coached over a hundred of professional and aspiring singers via private sessions, group workshops and online classes. Working for others, Elena conducted vocal coaching sessions for the British Academy of New Music in London; facilitated a number of vocal training workshops for the internationally acclaimed producer Dash Arts at the Latitude Festival, at the Rich Mix Dacha Festival & the Midsummer Festival in London. Elena keenly led singing classes across London performing arts schools such as Bodens, Theatretrain, Make Believe, Spotlight & Stagecoach; held singing workshops for the Arts Council's Johnston Sheard's Kunstraum project in London; hosted an audition for the ITV X-factor in Edinburgh; and co-produced and ran jazz singing courses for the City of Edinburgh Council.

Over the last seven years Elena has set up four pop-up school of vocals consisting of over thirty individually devised workshops, masterclasses and courses with seven students' showcases to date. Prior to this Elena has organised and run regular open mics, gigs, and cross-arts showcases over a period of five years, in London UK, and worked as a performing vocalist for over ten years in a row.

From September 2019 Elena's vocal training project is documented and shared in a video format on Patreon for continuous self-guided training.

Read about Elena's individual vocal training work here