Sing Jazz International 

A digital platform for jazz vocal teachers and their students 

Sing Jazz International - is a shared space for anyone who wants to learn to sing jazz or teach jazz voice stylistics - from a simple jazz standard to a complex improvisation. 

We welcome an adult learner of all levels and abilities and open our doors to the jazz vocalists of every jazz style and discipline. We run online vocal training classes, offer teacher training and help to match a teacher with a student. 

We have Jazz Voice Teachers specialising in all Jazz forms and disciplines, and provide vocal coaching sessions in English, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Greek, Turkish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Romanian, Latvian, Russian and French. 

Our newly introduced Members Area allows you to have full access to pre-recorded exclusive learning material which we created from live sessions, VIP invitations to exclusive members only events, a complimentary consultation with the founder of this project and a discount to all the classes from our shop.


Jazz Voice Technique is a crossover between contemporary and classical voice techniques and this is why jazz creates a perfect starting point for many different voice designs, and / or a perfect transition point between genres. Jazz is also a freedom of expression that allows you to create your own compositions, interpretations and move towards original stylistical advances. 

There are indeed many genres and styles of jazz which makes it fun to work with!

We hope you enjoy our time with us!

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