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About Teacher Training  

The concept behind Sing Jazz Teacher Training is to open doors for jazz vocalists and performing artists into the teaching profession through one-to-one coaching, hands on teaching opportunities and continuous support while offering a bespoke managerial advice. Working closely with a professional and qualified music educator and a cultural manager, you will get an invaluable insight into the world of the most rewarding experience - sharing your craft with others! What it means to be self-employed; how to run your own business; how to effectively and efficiently use your time while preparing for the lesson; how to develop your own unique teaching style based on well-established teaching methods and to create a bespoke session while thinking on your feet - these are the main areas which are covered during the training. Taking every student into consideration and applying student-centred approach into your own individual teaching style - is the main direction for our Teacher Training programme. 

For more information write to us on: teachertraining@singjazzinternational.com

Methods we Trust 

Our Ethos

  • When training together as a team we encourage friendly and supportive learning environment between all teachers in training
  • We value integrity, equality, empathy, positive reinforcement and honesty
  • We promote student-centred approach by putting students needs and aspirations first by building a personalised programme around students' goals 
  • We welcome new ideas and suggestions and encourage experimentations with teaching styles
  • We encourage a kinaesthetic learning approach, through practice and examples, in a workshop format rather than a class-room setting 
  • We envisage our teachers in training to learn independently from academic sources to expand their knowledge through research and demonstrate their theoretical understanding in practice
  • We inspire teachers full autonomy while providing them with a supportive and friendly environment, with plenty of room for continuous professional growth and development
  • We encourage constructive feedback from each other and building of skills on strengths 
  • We count on professional behaviour which inspires growth and development 
  • We promote a versatile approach to learning and for that purpose - always refer our students to learn from different teachers
  • We believe in team spirit and for this reason encourage cross-promotion of each others' work 
  • We strive upon building healthy work relationships though shared ethos and common goals

Teacher Training is only available in virtual classrooms at the moment

Please email to: teachertraining@singjazzinternational.com for our availabilities before booking the sessions above

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What Students Say About Us:



Music Teacher / Jazz Singing Course Edinburgh 2018

"I really enjoyed Elena's jazz singing course. She explains things really clearly and gives great training exercises which you can practice at home. There is absolutely something to be learned for singers of all ages and abilities."


Vocal Coach / DramVocals Workshop The Hague 2020 

"It was a very inspiring and interesting workshop, doing first singing and drama separate from each other and combining them together at the end of the workshop. Elena is a well trained singer and teacher full of passion about vocal technique, performance and how to sing jazz. She can bring that enthusiasm very well to the pupils."

OOVO to build Voice Strength


Please note that narrow straws are not recommended to treat voice tension but to build voice strength

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