Power of Voice. Power of Emotion. Power of Word. Too much Power.  High on Power. Power Struggle. Abuse of Power. Make use of Power. Power Power Power! As Nina Simone yelled out to us! What is your take on Power? And where does this word take you? 


Let me elaborate. Belting is a projection of a very loud singing. Yes it is a technique, and we ought to be super relaxed with this powerful singing. Super composed, concentrated and aware of our body's tension points, air pressure coordination and our delivery. 

Yet, BELTING is not the only form of power you may have in your voice. Power of Emotion, Control of your Voice and Sustainability may also mean Power. A very loud voice can also be called powerful, or just too loud, and so is soft, tender, gentle voice - it's up to you to decide.

In this video, I tend to compress all those questions in a short space of five minutes, and invite you to think about what power means to you.

Please comment below and let's discuss! 

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