Meriç is a Vocal Coach specialising in Classical Jazz Stylistics, Jazz Improvisation and Scatting. Based in Turkey Ankara, Meriç is teaching online in English and in Turkish.

    Meriç is really good for having voice control training, she knows what she is doing and giving safe feeling, absolutely recommended! Duran

    Great guidance, beautiful voice and lots of fun! Thank you Meriç! Zora

    Studying music from the age of 7 Meriç has worked with many artists including Yildiz Ibrahimova, Meltem Ege and Randy Esen, and has performed in numerous international festivals and workshops such as the 2014 Kosovo Turkish Jazz Week, 2015 Istanbul Jazz Festival Young Jazz concerts and 2017 Istanbul Jazz Festival. Graduate from the Hacettepe University Ankara State Conservatory, and with a new qualification under her sleeve as a Codarts Master of Music in Jazz-Crossover Domain from Rotterdam Conservatory, Meriç is a part of teaching network Major 7, teaches vocals privately and in groups.

    Skilful at creating patterns from jazz modes and incorporating them into her lesson plan, Meriç structures her class around melodic and rhythmic approaches as well as using the jazz licks adapted to her student's vocals to introduce ear training to all her sessions whilst working on the student's preferred material.

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