30 Day Independent Vocal Training Challenge

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30 Day Independent Vocal Training Challenge comes with 5 complementary but not mandatory 1-2-1 coaching sessions of 40min each, claimable at the time of purchase and recoupable 3 months after the 1st session.

This programme is a Vocal Technique Training System developed by Elena Dana based on 20 years professional singing experience and 10 years of research on the science of voice.

This training is created to enhance your Vocal Technique, to tone your voice muscle, improve your vocal strength, pitch, agility, power & control.

Suitable for all levels this programme consists of 25 pre-recorded up to 5min long videos, on one vocal technique element per day. For best results video-record your response for your own self-evaluation. 

If you prefer Guided Approach to this programme and get personalised feedback from the Vocal Coach on each task - please follow this link to purchase this programme with enhanced Vocal Coach guidance.

Once enrolled, you will be invited to a personalised private group on a media of your choice, where the video with a task will be released daily, with breaks in between, unless otherwise agreed between a student and a coach.

Have a little taster of the programme here.

Enjoy the journey!

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