30 Day Guided Voice Training Challenge

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30 Day Guided Vocal Training Challenge is a Vocal Technique Training System developed by Elena Dana to enhance your Vocal Technique, to tone your voice muscle, improve your vocal strength, pitch, power & control.

Suitable for all levels this programme consists of 25 pre-recorded up to 5min long videos, on one vocal technique element per day with one-step-approach, and comes with personal feedback and guidance from a Vocal Coach on each video response to a task up to one hour each scheduled between the coach and a student in advance to the agreed time online.

Should you wish to go for an independent approach - please follow this link.

Once enrolled, you will be invited to a personalised private group on a media of your choice, where the video with a task will be released daily, with breaks in between. 

A tailored approached means that the time to complete the challenge will be up to you! One month is our aim, but you can take as much time as you need to absorb the information and work at your own pace. 

Visit Challenge page for information about the programme schedule.

Have a little taster of the programme here.

Enjoy the journey! 

Payment up to 5 instalments is possible, please write to us to arrange it

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