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Vocal Training Video: 34min - Vocal Technique with Elena Dana & Kakia Fesa 

Vocal Technique Explained: lead by Elena Dana main tutor & Kakia Fesa visiting teacher in a group of five. Be a part of this experience by having a sneak peek into a real session and learn with us!

Vocal Training Video: 28min - Tones, Interpretation, Phrasing & Improv with Kakia Fesa

Working on Tones, Interpretation, Phrasing and Improv in a Swing Feel with All of Me jazz standard with Elena Dana main tutor and Kakia Fesa visiting teacher. Join us, practise and enjoy!

Jazz Stylistics Video: 7min - with Lisanne Pronk 

Working on scatting and vocal improv with the visiting teacher Lisanne Pronk in a group of six. Join us for some fun and repeat this easy to follow exercises to train your ear!

Misty Tutorial Video: 28min - with Elena Dana

Learn the most famous jazz standard Misty in less than half hour and save yourself a year of trying to find that right note! Enjoy!

Jazz Vocal Improv & Scatting with Kakia Fesa

This class covers a warm up and stylistics with Elena Dana & Vocal Improv and Scatting with Kakia Fesa

Vocal Training Video: 8min - Breathing & POWER of Voice

How do we project our voice? How do we free the sound when the tension from our neck or tongue is not letting us? Join me and this class, with a student of mine, a theatre director and producer from Edinburgh, during the lesson in OOTB, with a piano accompaniment, to learn, practise and to refine your vocal technique.

Vocal Training with Jazz Stylistics Video: 24min - with Elena Dana & Lara Rosales

Train your vocals with us by visiting a real session with our student Selina, accompanied by Valentin on piano, while we are going through fundamental vocal technique elements with Elena Dana main tutor and a visiting teacher Lara Rosales, incorporating the jazz standard song: Why Don't you do Right. We are happy to share the magic of this lesson with you and invite you to practise with us!

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