Alice is a Jazz Vocal Coach specialising in healthy Jazz Vocal Technique, Voice Improv, Jazz Phrasing, Stylistics, Rhythms and Interpretation. Currently based in Nicosia, Cyprus, Alice teaches from her own studio in person and online, in English & Greek

Working towards maximising her students' vocal capacities and putting an emphasis on the importance of healthy technique, Alice uses classical approach combined with contemporary stylistic elements in her voice teaching in order to bring out the best of the song interpretation & phrasing, enhance student's stage presence and build all essential skills necessary for an aspiring Jazz vocalist to succeed in their singing journey.

In my experience, very rarely does a vocal teacher deliver a lesson of such depth and authenticity in abundance considering both her technique and personal treatment. Her skills in communicating with the students are impressive since she considers the capabilities of each student and spends time to evaluate their needs and limits to find the right way to motivate them to succeed. Her range of repertoire speaks volumes about her technical and musical ability and she makes sure to impart her knowledge on every aspect of vocal technique to her students! Her lessons are always delivered effortlessly and it is a true pleasure to be around such a passionate musician/teacher! - Kyriaki

Alice received her Bachelor's Degree in Vocal Performance from Berklee College of Music, a Master's in Educational Leadership from Saint Mary's University, and a second Master's in Classical Performance & Pedagogy from the University of Nicosia.
She is the lead vocalist of the Steppin' Out Jazz Band and also a sought-after vocal coach who is knowledgable in anatomy and vocal mechanics. She has presented various vocal workshops & seminars for choirs, educational institutions, and music conservatories.
She is currently the instructor of Jazz Voice at the Department of Music and Dance at the University of Nicosia (since 2009) and the Director of the University's Jazz Choir (since 2011).

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