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At the SJI we are devoted to finding you the best Jazz Vocal Coach who is RIGHT for you! 


Why FAMILIAR is referred to as a demon in stories about witches? Something that is also referred to as a well known, something we used to, a habit..? Let's Discuss!



A year ago I have started my yoga teacher training in order to solidify my thirteen years of love of this beautiful practice my friend Lyuba introduced me to in New York so that I can incorporate this craft into my vocal training and share it with the world.


Private Student 2021, Cyprus

"Jazz Singer Platform and my wonderful vocal coach Elena Dana.

I'm learning so much and always leave each session feeling inspired. Highly recommended if you want to find your own, unique voice!"


Jazz Vocals Workshop 2015, London UK

"I've attended two lessons and am very impressed by the teacher! Elena has a fantastic voice and although I am not a jazz fan particularly, I am enjoying trying to sing in a jazz style."

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