Elena is the founder of the Sing Jazz International and the main Vocal Coach for the Jazz Singer Platform. Elena specialises in the Jazz Voice Technique, Vocal Mechanics and Classical Jazz Stylistics. Currently teaching online only, Elena provides singing lessons to the students of all levels in English and in Russian

80min Taster Session with Elena

Please contact us before securing this session  This is a 80 min session which comes together with a complimentary consultation with Elena Dana to try out the method and style of teaching if you haven't had a session or a complimentary consultation with Elena before.  Read more about Elena's teaching expertise here ♥ This session comes together with a video recording from the class and carefully selected learning resources for further practice.

£75.00 £95.00

    Elena Dana is a music educator and a vocal coach who specialises in voice mechanics and classical jazz stylistics. Jazz vocal mechanics are used as a building foundation for all contemporary vocal genres employing elements from such methods as Bel Canto, Speech Level, CVT and Estill Voice Training during all coaching sessions. 

    Elena offers tailor-made lessons, which are fun and easy to follow by breaking down all vocal technique terminology into comprehensive components with bespoke teaching methods. Working with piano, guitar or backing tracks, Elena customises every lesson around student's learning goals and abilities. Guiding the student to the desired outcome Elena is skilfully analyses student's shortcuts to reaching their potential in the fastest period of time using holistic approach in every lesson she designs.  

    To enhance student's learning experience, each session is followed up with a written theoretical outline, a personalised vocal training programme, an audio or video recording from the class and a list of suggested external resources for systematic training. The aim of these sessions is to keep vocalist's voice in healthy condition while taking their singing ability to the highest level.

    Educated to a Master Degree in the City University London U.K. as a Cultural Manager and an Arts Policy Maker, trained as a Music Educator at the British Academy of New Music East London U.K. and as a Performing Artist as a Vocalist & an Actor at the Kiev Performing Arts School, Elena has been practicing the craft of singing for over three decades. Elena taught Vocals in Performing Arts Schools for over five years around London, facilitated Singing Workshops and Vocal Jazz Masterclasses in England, Scotland, Netherlands and Cyprus, and outreached herself as an Events Organiser, Promoter & Manager of young musical talent, a Private Tutor and as a Vocal Jazz Performer all over the world .

    After years of live performances, Elena has conducted a ten years academic research on voice via hands-on practical experiences with portfolio teaching, which started in 2013 with Pop Up Schools around East London extending its services to the Netherlands and later to Cyprus turning into a digital SJI platform in 2020. 

    Travelling around the world with her own songwriting material and meeting many inspirational people along the way, from 2007 to 2011, Elena has acquired much influence from the world music genre. Dana has generously shared her heart-felt lyrical compositions in her singing performances while touring around the UK, USA, South America, India and Europe. Blending the jazz and gypsy music genres together, Elena has introduced a cinematic sound to her original songs, while interpreting jazz standards in elegant forties style.

    About Elena's Teaching Experiences in Detail

    For the last ten years Elena has coached hundreds of professional and aspiring singers via private sessions, group workshops and online classes from all over the world. As a part of her Teacher Training practice Elena taught singing for 16+ at the British Academy of New Music in London in 2014. From that time onwards Elena facilitated a number of vocal training workshops for a number of local projects and clients, such as Dash Arts at the Latitude Festival, the Rich Mix Dacha Festival & the Midsummer Festival, Bodens PA, Theatretrain, Make Believe, Spotlight and Stagecoach, the Arts Council's Johnston Sheard's Kunstraum visual arts project. In 2019 Elena hosted an audition for the ITV X-factor in Edinburgh and produced two jazz singing courses for the City of Edinburgh Council adult education department. 

    In March 2020 during the lockdown Elena has set up SJI with the aim to unite jazz vocalists who are teaching voice or wish to transition into a teaching profession to master craft of teaching online through continuous professional development in a group of likeminded professionals who can also support each other during new times. Since its creation the mission of SJI collective has  always been to preserve the vocal jazz as a genre through teaching and performance.

    During the last eight years, Elena has produced five pop up schools of vocals, two in London, one in Edinburgh, in The Hague, and the latest one is currently running in Cyprus. Previous four pop up schools consisted of over thirty individually devised workshops, masterclasses and courses featuring dozens of contemporary vocalists and musicians from the current music scene, with seven students' showcases to date. 

    Singing Background

    Prior to teaching Elena run regular open mics for songwriters and organised jazz gigs, and cross-arts showcases in London UK and worked as a performing vocalist with original material, gypsy and jazz covers. As a youngster Elena has won national laureate awards from singing competitions such as Morning Star, StarFall, Fortuna, and Chervona Ruta in Ukraine and was a regular guest at many local concerts and festivals from the age of five, moving to working under a supervision of local jazz vocal coach from the age of thirteen and singing collaborations with the jazz orchestra Chaika. 

    Online Training

    From September 2019 Elena's vocal training project is documented and shared in a video format on Patreon for continuous self-guided training for vocalists and teachers alike. 30 Day Challenge is a new Vocal Technique online Programme designed for anyone who wants to digest the Vocal Technique, enhance it and cement the knowledge of it in order to improve the healthy voice production. 


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