We blame death for taking our loved ones away. We blame God for wars and distraction. We blame our parents for making us the way we are. We grew up with a BLAME-GAME in our guts. 

And when it comes down to "owning it up" or "taking responsibility" we often get confused about what it actually means. 

Do we blame the sun for burning us, the clouds for covering the sky, the rain for pouring down at us, for the seasons coming and going? Let's hope the answer to this is "NO". Because we accept it. We accept that this is the circle of life, this is the nature, this is how the world works. 

So why should it be any different when it comes down to us? The answer to: "whom shall I blame" question, therefore surely should be: "NO ONE." Accept it. This is how things are. 

We can however, indeed adjust something that isn't working for us. If sun is too hot we put a sunscreen on, if the rain is too heavy we find a shelter, we find warm clothes if it's freezing cold and we adjust. 

The same goes for any situation in life. Adjust it. Don't blame it on anyone, especially on yourself. Accept it as LIFE. Life is happening. Things evolve. Life goes on


Therefore, owning it up simply means to voice your feeling about a certain event, and not blame the event itself. 

Why is it important to own it up and not take an easy way out by playing a blame-game? What do you think? 

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This Blog is written by Elena Dana as the way to achieving the balance which is vital during our performances.

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