Yoga for Vocalists 


Happy New Year!

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to our newly introduced, as a part of our New Year's resolution - regular Yoga live class!

EVERYDAY throughout the whole month of January 2021 at 10AM UK TIME

FREE to all our supporters on Membership Subscription and Patreon, this regular Yoga for Vocalists live class with Elena Dana, is held over Zoom, and incorporates:

Body Yoga

Face Yoga

Vocal Yoga

 to improve, tone and stretch our body and voice

Once joined, you will have an instant access to recurring Zoom link

Time: every DAY 10am UK time throughout the whole month of January 2021 

  • What to bring - if you have a yoga mat, small yoga ball, a yoga soft roll, elastic bang or a stick that be great, however we can also work with just a comfortable mat, or a chair and perhaps a wall!
  • Before the class - if you could adjust your camera setting in advance, and make sure that you are happy with video angle, audio level and the wifi speed - that would be great!
  • General rule - if there is a group and someone is experiencing some technical issues, we'd encourage them to just go ahead and do what needs to be done, so that the class flow is not interrupted. For the same reason, if we could all be on time - it would be wonderful! 
  • P.S. - this class is available on all membership tiers

We look forward to seeing you there!

Hurry to join as places are limited! 

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