What are the energies? Work with energies. Feel the energies. Thoughts as your energies. Balance the energies. Healthy exchange of energy. Creative Energies. 

Let's discuss!

Creative Energies

Portal of Creativity 

How to access a Portal of Creativity? 

We briefly did touch-base on it in our previous post on Freedom. We said that Freedom from mental blocks opens up a portal of creativity. What are those mental blocks - is really for you to decide and to identify. Yet, in our post on Freedom we talked about victim mentality as one of those mental blocks. Once we replace victim mentality with freedom of choice, abundance mentality, desire to take matters into our own hands - we can have access to this portal of creativity. 

Once we enter this portal though - what do we do with it? How do we deal with it? We use it! We drink from it, we swim in it, we take creative energies from it and we put them into something that we love. We create! 

And then we share. Because sharing is caring, but also, if you don't share - your energies get stuck. They rot. You feel restless or drained. You may find yourself locked inside that portal and feel as if you can't do anything with it or about it. 

You also grow your creative energies and invest them into something that makes your capital stronger and more stable. Then the circle repeats itself. Like the nature circle, like the circle of life.

You want to complete this circle to benefit from creative portal and make the most out of your creative energies!

So let's dive in!

Give and Take

Breathe in and Breathe out

To have a healthy exchange of energy, so it's not stuck, we want to achieve a healthy balance of give and take. If you breathe in too much and you won't breathe out, you die. 

So are our energies. If we don't give and take them in a balanced way - they die. And visa versa. A healthy exchange of energy, in a balanced way - make you feel alive. They give you life. Set you free and put everyone and everything around you in harmony.

Our creative energies, like a fresh spring-stream needs to move on to sustain that clean clear water within itself. This is how we achieve a clear mind within which our energies can flourish! 

Stuck Energies

Mental Blocks

Writers blocks or mental blocks that stop you from creating, from moving forward - are all results of stuck energies! We briefly talked about it in the previous post on Freedom as well.

Why do mental blocks happen? Too much "take" and not enough of "give" or visa versa? Seeing only what others are taking from you or seeing only what you give others? Stuck in this vicious circle of grudge, hate or un-forgiveness and not being able to get out? 

Just get up and set your priorities in order. Really see a bigger picture. Can't? Ask for help! Record your conversations, analyse them, write it all down to see what your mind is really all about. When you empty your thoughts on paper you may learn a lot about yourself, how your mind works, and about the ways you learn. Once it's all out there you see the logic, you can see the pattern and see where you actually stand.

"I write to empty my mind and to fill my heart." Paulo Coelho

Exercise EMPATHY. Put yourself into someone else's shoes. Just for a second play in your head how you would feel if you were that other person that you are perhaps blaming right now or having a grudge about.

Have a role-play with someone who wants to help, so that you step into their life situation. Don't know their full story? Who they are? How they feel? Where their heart is? Their intentions? Well, then maybe you have to be honest with yourself and admit that you can't really start to imagine how they feel or how their mind works.

In this case you just take a deep breath in and out, take a leap of faith and cut them some slack. Trust they have good intentions if they tell you so, and move on! Ignore them if they have been truly horrible or do something about it, and get to the bottom of the situation, if you really wish to fix it. Trust, love, forgiveness, clarity (knowledge of basic human psychological principles, such as separating people from their deeds) will set you free from those stuck energies.

Energy as Currency

Energy is the most valuable Currency in the world

Do you agree? And if so - where do you spend it on? Who do you spend it on? Is it worth it? Do you like buying something that is overpriced or invest your money into something that will make you broke? Do you keep it all to yourself or give it to charity? Which is it? 

Let's imagine that energy is a coin. An actual coin that you can put into your hand. Therefore if you feel like you have no energy - it means you have no coin. 

So you need money = energy to live on. You need that coin to buy yourself a bread. How do you get it? You earn it, right. Or you beg for it. Or you take it from someone else.

Which is your favourite? Let's discuss them ALL!

If you want to earn money = energy, what can you do? How do we generate energy? 

On physical level - energy comes from food and from movement. 

So what can we do to generate that energy? We eat and then we exercise. Right?

We go for a jog, do yoga, go for a swim or else - and we feel like we earned it. Correct? 

But what if you got energy from speaking to a friend who wanted to give you their time and affection - that means that those energies were given to you. Like a present. 

Now let's analyse. Do you generate your energies by earning them or by taking them? 

You see, if you are taking energies from someone or from something on regular basis - then you are, let's be honest, at their mercy.

If therefore you expect someone or something to give it to you then you are in a constant search of that energy, you read, you listen to music, you surround yourself with lots of social platforms and you are active on there. Yet in a constant search for energy you feel exhausted instead of energised. Why? Because physically - you are still. 

Or perhaps, you go and take that energy by force. You steal someone's energies by annoying them, by yelling at them, or by taking their time when it's not intended for you. 

We examined three case scenarios: earn, take & steal. Which one is your favourite? 

You see, if you take it or steal it - your energy will be inconsistent. It will come and go as it pleases, it will act like the worse friend in the world who leaves you when you need them most. 

Therefore the only way to a healthy sustainable and strong energy - is to EARN IT! Give yourself a proper physical exercise, feed your body with healthy food, lead a healthy lifestyle and you will be amazed at the amount of real energy you get. 

"Healthy body - healthy mind"




Invest your energy into something good and it will grow your capital and make it stronger. Invest it into something stupid and it will drain you and bleed you dry.

So make SMART choices. 

Think, what fulfils you and what drains you. This will be your starting point towards identifying where to put your energies next in order to grow it.

For example, a constant demand for approval may drain you. So what can you do instead? You may give this validation to yourself and then you won't need anyone else's approval. 

Then you channel your energies into something that fulfils you, something that makes you happy instead. Something that will bring you more energy or make your current energy stable. For example, a creation of your own.

And guess what it is your own creation that may also bring you your actual financial capital! Again, if you play smart.

And if you do your own creation will bring you real sense of freedom and prosperity in every aspect of your life. Your life will be rich! Rich in colours, friends, ideas, good and honest people and creative solutions to last you a life time.

This may sound too easy, but it's true. Neuroscientists proved it and I have proved it to myself too when I started leading a healthy life style, ate fresh and increased my daily exercise from one hour to two. It made such a huge positive difference in my life. Systematic approach really added to it too. I am now intending to grow my good energies and invest it wisely. Join me!

The creative energies CIRLE needs to repeat itself for you to constantly have ACCESS to it, GROW it and SHARE it with the world.


Tell me how your access grow and share your creative ENERGIES and in what context do you use this word most often?

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