What does FREEDOM mean to you? Free from what?  Freedom from one Ideology may create yet another Ideology. A frame can define your vision, yet does it limit your prospects? Let's discuss!

Freedom from "X" Mentality 

Victim Mentality 

For the sake of comparison, I would like to jump right into it. The proof by contradiction - imprisonment. How can one imprison themselves willingly within their own mind, set their brain computer into the "prison mode” and lose that mental freedom? 

OK and what the hell is Victim Mentality?

Hint hint. Mentality is the KEY word here. 

Why? Because one can indeed be a victim in the case of an actual attack. Yet, if no one is attacking them and they still feel constantly attacked, on regular basis, by everyone, by everything, and "Everyone is Out There to Get You" is displayed in front of their eyes in huge red-flashing-lights-like letters - then that would be it. Victim Mentality settings at its very best and it's currently installed into their brain's computer.

So what does Victim Mentality have to do with imprisonment? Well, if one does have those mind settings - they are a prisoner of their own mind. They isolate themselves into a tower, they feel helpless, they feel their hands are tied. In other words they feel like a victim. Hence is the term - Victim Mentality. 

Moreover, the "victim" is on a constant outlook for a tyrant. If there is none - they will create it. Again from everyone and everything. They are skilful at twisting any situation to make it look like they were unfairly treated or hurt by someone on purpose. They are good at pushing people's buttons and picking the darkest sides of any person they meet. 

They misinterpret any situation they are in just to fit their agenda of proving that "the world is against them". They make themselves look innocent and they feel hurt as a perfect confirmation that everyone else is indeed a monster who is out there to get them.

They usually also stick around with that tyrant or monster they create in their own head, just to remind themselves that they were right about who they are from the start. They indulge themselves in knowing they are right, because they need to self-actualise themselves in that belief. And surely enough here is that pattern and a living proof that there is no way out and tyrants are everywhere they look!

If those types of thoughts are only in your head, the question is - do you have direct access to your brain's settings to fix it? The answer is YES. Because you are the one who have activated this programme in your own system in the first place. Therefore you can uninstall it, delete it, overwrite it, and tweak those settings. 

If you are thinking you have been programmed like this by someone else then you are at the verge of Victim Mentality. If you think that someone else is responsible, then you are in the claws of your own prison cell. As this is exactly the type of thinking that leads you into a trap, where you indeed feel helpless. Wanna get out? Read on!

One of the most persistent of all delusions is the conviction that the source of our dissatisfaction lies outside ourselves. B. Alan Wallace

Subsequently, one may argue, that the environment and others might have contributed to your own mind settings, and yet, you are the only one who has agreed to those settings, whether consciously or subconsciously, it is still your handiwork.

It is a wonderful realisation though, that it is your own hands doing, because guess what? You yourself, with your own hands, can undo it! You can change your ways, change your thoughts and turn your life around. 

Knowing that you hold the KEY to unravelling this mystery - you ultimately step onto the road of unlocking the portal of FREEDOM.

 If you're with me, let's get on with it! 






Who is at fault here, ANYWAY? 

No one is. Blame game is for losers. Pick yourself up and do something about it instead! 

For starters you can take responsibility for your own actions. Heard this before? What does this actually mean? 

An example, you miss the biggest opportunity in your life. And it keeps on happening. It is a pattern. You keep on blaming everyone and everything, and it keeps on happening even more.

When it rains it pours!

What the hell?! THEN WHAT?

Instead of blaming others you take it into your own matters and you STOP it. You observe it. Really observe, and look out for clues. What is life telling you? Perhaps to take a step back and see the bigger picture, hit that pause button and start appreciating everything there is to your life. You are alive and what you have has made your life possible, today. 

Then you go ahead and re-examine your resources, where are they going to? Who are you spending them on? And what about your energies, who are you feeding them to, and whose energies are you taking? Is it a fair exchange, a healthy balance that you encompass?  

What are your priorities? Do you need to set them in order, perhaps? 

If you are honest with yourself then you will indeed realise that you got everything you actually wanted in life at this point with resources and abilities that you have, you are exactly where you wanted to be.

The question is now - are you happy? 

Let me rephrase the question. 

Does "your normal" make you feel comfortable yet doesn't make you feel happy or fulfilled? If so then maybe it's time to become uncomfortable about it.

Would the freedom from the victim mentality make you happy? Think about it. We all fall into its trap once in a while. Or would the life where you put responsibilities of your actions onto others suffice? :)

For me personally, it is FREEDOM from that slave mentality that makes me happy, freedom from feeling helpless - makes me feel alive. It's the kind of freedom that unlocks my potential, opens the portal of creativity. It is a freedom from false fears imposed by those who still, sadly, live in that victim mentality, and scold everyone else who is free from it. I am thinking "Poor Dad Vs Rich Dad" mentality. 

I encourage you to have the freedom that unlocks your full potential, and opens the portal of endless creativity



You are the Creator of your own Movie

So let's CREATE! 

Because you see, if you don't create something of your own you are going to be stuck in someone else's reality. Or worse, forever be that extra, just a passer-by whose potential may never be unleashed. So for that precise reason - we need to create. Creation will set you FREE when it comes to your own life. We need to have a LIFE (i.e. our own "movie") to FEEL ALIVE, to feel free.

Indeed, we take turns. Sometimes we play a part in someone else's film. Sometimes we add to that beautiful scenery of Broadway Market in London, by being an integral part of that cool crowd. We respect each other's choices and let those whose film it is, to direct, only to take a lead in our own movie, direct it, create it the way we want to when it comes to it. 

Hence is the expression - you can't be in charge of anyone else's life, movie, mind, film, feelings, but surely you can take full ownership of your own creation, be your own creator, director, initiator, artist - at your own time, on your own terms, when it comes down to your own life. 

So how can CREATIVITY set you free? 

It is a smart move, a choice, that inspires the initiative. Initiative, a simple idea, a creative solution to a problem, a step forward. This is all it takes to move forward from the mental settings of someone who is always at a disadvantage, attacked, cheated, looked down at, hurt by others - even when you have it ALL - to someone who is FREE from all that crap. 

If this is you - then please do yourself a favour and get out of that mindset. Simply SIGH that darkness out, clear that dust that covered your eyes up for so long, and let that weight be lifted. Feel FREE! 

This simple first step forward, in a form of a sigh, a clear realisation that you are in charge and you can reset your mindset - opens the doors to GRATITUDE, it allows you to SEE what you have. You instantly start to really value every singe person in your life. Every single situation life presents itself with. Because there is a lesson. A valuable lesson in each person, in each curve of life, each situation there is. 

And this is where the MAGIC begins! It begins with being grateful! 

I know for sure - we all have that magic inside, and only those who want to see it - will uncover it. That mental freedom is available. Freedom to feel LIFE, freedom to FEEL ALIVE, Freedom to set your voice FREE, indeed FREEDOM to have a VOICE!




Freedom from what? 

Is it freedom from boredom, freedom from anxiety, freedom from fear, or is it SIMPLY freedom from all those lies that we have been told about most natural things in the world - our feelings? 

Indeed I don't want to be free from my feelings that are simply natural to me. Sometimes I want to feel bored and I let my body experience anxiety, I will listen to that feeling of fear, and I will draw a lesson from it all. As the only freedom that I seek - is the freedom from mental blocks, freedom from stuck energies and FREEDOM FROM VICTIM MENTALITY.

To be creative, and to think for yourself - is the KEY to breaking free from that prison mindset, from that victim always-blaming-others mentality. Once you open that door of creativity - you will enter into a fresh stream of energies that make you feel alive and add that flavour of FREEDOM to your singing voice. 

YOU ARE GOOD! This is all you need to know - to be FREE 

What is your FREEDOM? Tell us in the comments below


 This blog post is not a scientific paper, it is merely a philosophical discussion on the subject of freedom from mental blocks when it comes down to creativity based on the personal experience of the author to encourage self-growth and inspire self-actualisation as a part of CPD. The author is therefore sharing her own thoughts as a mental note to oneself and invites those who can relate to participate in this discussion. 

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