What is your intention behind what you do? Does it really matter? Your act may look as innocent or otherwise according to someone's perception alone, so how does one communicate the real intention behind their act? Let's discuss!   

I believe that everyone is trying to reach a balance in everything they do at some point in their life. Sometimes we go from one extreme to another in order to find that fine line, that golden middle to feel stable and content. 

For example, following your heart while shutting down the mind can be costly for your dream, and visa versa - you don't just use one pragmatic calculative mind to build your whole life around or to reach your goal. Instead you employ every given element to make every part of your existence flow in harmony. One without the other simply leads to extreme and you end up living in one sided reality that has this constant nagging feeling of something missing. Isn't it?  

Yet, while you are having the INTENTION of reaching that balance - your juggling skills may need some time to get refined and solidified. Hence the practice indeed makes perfect. 

But how do you articulate your intentions to the world while you are learning to get those juggling skills in tact? You may indeed just reinforce that simple fact that you are in a process of reaching that exact goal, while taking every single element into consideration and appreciating every single situation, person and a moment in your life. 

The aim behind SJI project, for instance, is to inspire the talent, nourish and grow it, yet our INTENTION is for every single person who approaches us for help - is to spread their wings and fly! Because if every single person who wants to sing or teach singing - can indeed reach their potential with us and take their talent a step further, not only that person becomes happier and healthier, but the world becomes a better place. 

There is no place for judgement, unhealthy competition or any other destructive emotion in our space and this what our true intention is - to create a positive change while creating the highest vibrations with the sound that comes from a truly happy and kind heart. We grow tenderness, love and happiness first of all. The rest just follows. The harmony and balance slowly come together and the person is in the state of bliss while making everyone around them shine. 

Some days are better than others, yet intention remains the same - to value every single creation on this planet and make a little contribution by sharing our craft that we love so much with the world and approach every day with our whole heart, mind and soul in a beautiful balance. 

Share your thoughts with us on this subject and tell us about the balance in your life you are looking to achieve or have achieved and the road you took to reach it. 

This blog is by Elena Dana  

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