Private Vocal Training

Trial Half Hour

30 min (instead of £35)


Trial One Academic Hour

45min (instead of £50)

Trial One Hour

60min (instead of £60)

Full Session

90min (instead of £100)

Four Week Bundle

8 Hour Vocal Training Special Offer (instead of £320)

Five Week Bundle

10 Hour Vocal Training Special Offer (instead of £500)

30 Day Voice Training Challenge 

Programme with Vocal Coach Guidance (instead of £250)

What Students Are Saying



Jazz Workshop Student 2014, London

"Elena is amazing at what she does, the way she breaks down the techniques makes it easy for the learners to understand and she always keeps the lessons fresh and interesting. Plus she actually has a passion for helping people which makes the lesson so much better because you have a teacher who cares."


Jazz Vocals Course 2019, Edinburgh

"Elena is a brilliant teacher - kind, patient and thoughtful, and really pays attention to your voice and the things you need to work on. She gives excellent homework, too - my voice has developed so much in just five sessions! Plus I actually understand what I'm doing now, and what pitfalls I need to watch out for. Can't recommend enough."

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