It's been a while since I have posted any blog entires on here. The reason being I was going through a lot of self-discoveries lately. Mainly the confirmations of my personal beliefs. I've been through lots of tests lately just to prove that authenticity is the KEY to your happiness. 

Because happiness for me, and I am sure for many people who are on the same wave as me, is to do what you are here to do. Period.   

If you find your true voice and follow it, you will get to the sensation of BLISS. True story :) 

It's not an easy route, let me just put it out there, it's hard. Because guess what, everyone will try to divert you from your path, thinking that their path is the ONLY path. RED FLAG. This happens usually when a person is going through the actualisation of their own reality and beliefs as if to look for approval or get everyone on their side to agree with them, so that they can be stable. 

This is a TRAP. Don't ever try and convince anyone of your own chosen path as an "it". It is it for you. Just be in it. Be it, and accept your own reality and your path as your own unique way of getting to that source of happiness called unconditional love.

Unconditional love is where you come from and where you are going to, this is who you are and what you can have access to via being TRUE to yourself. 

So that was a little intro to what I am about to share and may elaborate on the above later, if you have a request for it, message me. 


What do you think that universal law is talking about? It talks about being DETACHED from the outcome and only have it as your direction, or destination, goal, lets say. 

And here is the story that I want to share with you. A real true story, that is haunting me for years.


20 years ago I recorded my new song: When I First Saw You 

..and everyone at the time were convinced it was going to be a hit :) 

Yet I was so attached to the outcome of it becoming a hit one day that I actually didn't do anything about it to take any actions to make it such.

I was hoping that somebody ELSE will do it for me.

I was hoping that this song will draw attention of the right people and the right people will put it in the right place for it to be turned into something it deserved... (I know.. victim mentality)

However I was so attached to this idea that I only released it five years AFTER I recorded it.. So it was released 15 years ago.. I didn't think the production of it was any good at the time I recorded it, I was suffering from perfectionist syndrome. And this is exactly why most of my songs are in a demo format. Still. 

The moral of the story - you should NOT be attached to the outcome.

Just bring your attention to what needs to be done. Bring your ATTENTION to the present, a plan, strategy and focus on actual things that can get you there, to your goal, and your songs to the place YOU think they belong. 

Put your INTENTION into the future (not attention into the future) and this is how you can become detached from the outcome and reach your aim. 

Wish me luck and good luck to everyone who is trying to get to the same place of DETACHMENT <3

Now you know my story that I share in hope of helping this world to be balanced, and we could all be aligned with our REAL purpose in life. 

Side note: I also want to thank Aaron who inspired me to write this blog entry, with whom I utterly agree btw, and would really encourage anyone who wants to know more about how energies work to follow his work and check out his wicked videos

This blog is by Elena Dana

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