Meet the Founder


Hi everyone! How are you today? And WELCOME to our newly introduced BLOG! 

My name is Elena Dana and I am the founder of the Sing Jazz International digital platform - a shared space for Voice Teachers and their Students. 

Acting as a bridge between Students and Teachers alike, this platform helps you to find your perfect match! Here, I run Teacher Training sessions for jazz vocalists and voice teachers as a part of CPD, and encourage support mechanism amongst likeminded individuals. I put my heart into working as a mentor for aspiring singers and voice teachers, provide vocal coaching to an adult learner of every level and ability, and devise bespoke business advice on self-employment for vocalists with entrepreneurial minds. 

This newly introduced Blog will feature voice-training related articles, inspirational posts, featured events and entries inspired primarily - by the passionate discussions amongst the team of teachers during our Teacher Training sessions. 

Your full participation in debates and discussions are highly advisable, desirable and greatly encouraged!


  Read more about the work I do here  

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